Competition for top talent is brutal. We make sure you hold your own against industry giants. By leveraging technology, you will use digital marketing techniques, big data, and our propriatary automation platform, all for much less than the cost of hiring an internal recruiter or using agencies.

What if you could have a cheap, effective solution that will help you build your team, build your brand, and has zero risk attached?

Hiring the right people with the right attitude is critical to the success of every business. As a small or growing company (or division), such choices have an even more pronounced affect as any individual can be the cornerstone or abject undoing of a business. We develop a unique strategy to help you define your needs, and then we secure the right talent to fuel growth – the top 15% of performers.



We’re all about long-term relationships with candidates. We’ve been doing this a long time, and plan to continue doing so. When we were in the IT world, we hated being a commodity and handled like livestock by recruiters and HR types. So we did something about it and started Mercuras Consulting.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own career advisor that could keep an eye out for perfect ‘next steps’ for you?

You’re busy being awesome at what you do. We work with only a handful of people in each domain in which we’re involved, and help each person maximise their career options. We help each person articulate a clear strategy, and introduce you to unique opportunities and organisations doing interesting things that don’t advertise through normal channels – they just work with us. Neat huh?



We only work across three distinct areas, and our people are experienced and connected across the region in their niche areas. Whether deep technical Subject Matter Experts or strong and experienced leadership, Mercuras will help.


Our experience and understanding of the Security, Systems Integration, and Managed Services landscape in Australia can ensure your getting the right people with the right technical knowledge to help your company grow.


We help start-ups and fledgling development companies looking to secure the best talent for their digital practice. Whether a PHP Dev, DevOps, or Agile specialists; we know the right people.


You need to make sure your ship is being steered by the right crew. Part of that is having trusted leaders providing guidance from their experience and understanding of how to manage and mentor their teams. Mercuras Consulting are tapped into the start-up community and know the right (and rare) types of people with the skills and experience to lead your company towards success.


Mercuras Consulting is not a recruitment company. Recruitment agencies ‘give a man a fish‘ while we ‘teach a man to fish‘ then supply you with the best nets, bait, hooks, and a chartered cruiser. While we might be extending the metaphor too far, we give you the means, not just a stop-gap measure.

Once we set everything up, we walk off into the sunset, or we work from inside your business to drive your hiring success immediately, and align your future talent attraction strategy with industry best practice. The point is, you have options and solutions. Without a smarter, strategic approach to your hiring, how are you going to compete with organisations that are doing everything possible?

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