To secure leading talent, you have three options; using expert recruiters, developing your own capabilities, or blind luck. The correlating problems are expense, time, and reliability. As specialists, we can help bring on A-players, hone your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), and then take that message with us to market to identify & engage, and to build talent pools for the future.

Formed at the beginning of 2012, we have a simple, if somewhat ambitious aim; to fix what was wrong with recruitment. We only hire domain experts that understand the nuances of your technical areas, that can have an elevated conversation, that work diligently, and that embrace the accountability to our clients that we instill in all our staff. The result is that our people actually understand your true requirements, and help you grow your business.

We Help Build Your Business

Every organisation trumpets that people are their most important asset. Yet when it comes time to hire, they drop the task on HR or an intern to post ads and hope (usually in vain) they find the perfect person. They settle for mediocrity and repeat the cycle when that person doesn’t work out.

Listening to the people we do business with – both client and candidate – there are systemic issues with the way recruitment is done today. The transactional, quick-win mentality, with poor candidate experience, and a spray-and-pray submission of profiles is just terrible. How many candidates fall through the gaps during your process? How many of the top 15% of candidates in the market see you as the right employer for them, or even know about your company at all?

We Spend Time With You

We are your employees. Well sort of. You don’t have to worry about additional headcount, or the obligations that come with hiring full-time staff, but we work for you. Spending time on-site working from inside your business, we come to know what makes you collectively tick, what challenges you’re facing, and we represent your company to the outside world. Imagine having an expert recruiter that knows your company that well, without the costs, and knowing they have your best interests at heart.

  • We understand what your business needs to thrive

  • We reach the best people in the market, not just those actively looking

  • We help fast-track your time-to-hire


Sales & Marketing

  • Sales Directors

  • Major Account Managers

  • Inside Sales Representatives

  • Marketing Professionals

  • Pre-Sales

Systems & Networks

  • Enterprsie & Solution Architects

  • Security Specialists

  • *NIX Administrators & Engineers

  • WIntel Specialists

  • ITIL & ITSM Experts


  • PHP & MEAN Developers

  • .Net Developers

  • DevOPs

  • Software Architects

  • IoT Software Engineers

Project Management

  • Program & Portfolio Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Business Analysts

  • Project Coordinators

  • Risk and Reporting Managers


CameronPrincipal | Founder

After a decade in IT, Cameron made the move to executive recruitment in 2007. An intimate knowledge across a broad range of technology, Cameron has been instrumental in building and steering Mercuras Consulting since inception.

AlastairPartner - Search

Alastair has been in recruitment for a very, very long time. A senior search Consultant with 20 years of experience in recruitment, he focuses on senior consulting positions, Alastair has an extensive global network.

TimChief Financial Officer

Bringing financial and operational excellence to the team, Tim has well over a decade of keeping companies on the right track. Tim has been instrumental in building a smarter financial model for the benefit of our clients.

SarahResourcing Manager

With a natural flair for getting to the heart of the matter, Sarah has shown outstanding inclination in being able to identify, engage, and screen the truly exceptional candidates time & again. She now leads the resourcing team.