We’re part of the IT community and we recognise that. For too long candidates like you have been treated like chattel and discarded as soon as no longer of use. The support during the process is poor, and if you should voice an opinion there are systematic steps typical in the recruitment industry to steer the conversation to an end that’s not necessarily in your best interests. but rather theirs!

That’s where Mercuras Group (including Mercuras Consulting) is making a difference. We will present you with the options and walk you through any pros and cons we see on both sides and then sit back to let you make an informed decision. If it’s the right step; great! If not, we’d rather make new friends and contacts than leave a bitter taste in a member of this very small community and try and force square pegs into round holes. To this, we hope these resources can help you with your career, whether we can or not at this time.


The links below contain a suite of documents designed by one of the other Mercuras Group members; Waterstone Profiles. The kit is intended to improve your job hunting IQ and career intelligence. What it is not is a paint-by-numbers approach to getting enough traction to then beg for a job like so many other articles out there posing as help.

We want to give back to the community that keeps our lights on, and genuinely provide a valuable resource to its members. Some parts are a little obvious, but it’s surprising how well they bring everything into focus and provide snatches of insight into the hiring process that can be leveraged to your advantage, and how to actually plot and execute a career plan.


The Vision

The average career is a long road. It’s surprising how many people – capable, intelligent professionals – are happy to be flotsam and let things happen organically. No planning, no strategy, just response to opportunities. We’ll show you how to create the opportunities to get you ahead.


On The Hunt

Whether you’re in a job you are compelled to leave, or if you find yourself unemployed and looking to secure a new position, doing it in the optimal way can save a lot of headaches. On The Hunt provides documents and a framework on how to do things intelligently and ensure you get what you want quickly.


Interview Intelligence

If you’ve been around long enough to not be nervous, that doesn’t guaranty you’ll put your best foot forward. When you’re on the spot it can be hard to present the best you. With ‘Interviewing 101’ you’ll learn the techniques and methods used to impress when you’re meeting with a person in control of your future.